The solution of adult problems tomorrow depends in large measure upon the way our children grown up today. There is no greater insight into the future than recognizing that, when we save children, we save ourselves. - Margaret Mead


Founder and Executive Director
Velinda D. Alexander

Velinda Alexander is a dedicated educator, business professional, certified professional coach, facilitator and a natural born leader! Guided by her instinctive passion for people, Velinda has over twenty (20) years of experience in education, social services, program development and management. In 2002, she became the Founder/Executive Director of True To Life Foundation, a community based nonprofit organization built on the principle of celebrating life and encouraging growth of inner city families.

Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, [and] leave the rest to God.” – Ronald Reagan

Alexander has lead True To Life Foundation as it strives to provide and advocate for the safety, education and development of our inner city children. After nearly twenty years of corporate and private business experience, Velinda acknowledges that in order to fulfill her career journey she needed to inspire future leaders.

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