The solution of adult problems tomorrow depends in large measure upon the way our children grown up today. There is no greater insight into the future than recognizing that, when we save children, we save ourselves. - Margaret Mead

Community Outreach

Community Outreach Department includes the Resource Referral Network and the Senior Center. Through this department, True To Life Foundation serves as a community resource to those in need. The Senior Center includes workshops and activities available to senior citizens within the community.

Resource Referral Network

True To Life Foundation prides itself on being a key resource for the community. The TTL Resource Referral Network supports parents, providers and local communities in finding, planning and providing key community resources. The Resource Referral Network bridges the gap between knowledge and access for many low income, high need families.

Major Resource Referrals Include:

Senior Center

True To Life Foundation continues to be committed to our elder community members. The TTL Senior Center provides various workshops to engage community senior citizens through the arts.

Current Workshop: “The Art of Ceramics”
Experience the complete art of creating ceramics from selecting and pouring clay mold, painting, glazing, and firing ceramic pieces. Participants learn about the history and art of ceramics while engaging in overall process from clay to beautiful ceramic piece.


Early Childhood Activity & Resource Center

True To Life Foundation provides the following early childhood activities and resources to community. Please contact the main office for more information regarding the following:

Parent Coaching Workshops

True To Life Foundation provides a 12 week community parenting workshop for families with children of all ages. This support group based parenting course focuses on the major issues for today’s parents and helps families develop strategies and skills to be active and responsible parents. The next Session Starts October 2015. Please contact the main office for more information.

Sample Topics Include:

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